September. 2014. Chicago

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I love working in film, being on-set and being part of the collaborative creative process. I did makeup for a DePaul University grad student’s directing project. Comprised of a few scenes from the classic American film, “Midnight Cowboy,” this was a super-fun project. Click the link below to see the final product.


Mid-July. 2014. Chicago

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Do you use CLR? That stuff is magic! It’ll get a rust stain out and make your coffee maker work like new! I worked hair/makeup on a commercial shoot for the amazing stuff. Here’s the final version of the CLR Commercial:

July. 2014. Chicago

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Unbeknownst to me, I got caught in the action! A fellow crew member snapped a candid pic of me scrutinizing the image on a monitor on-set for a commercial for a law firm in Chicago. It’s true for any profession: Attention to detail is essential!

GWC Law Offices Pic

June. 2014. Chicago

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Brushes. I just got done cleaning my brushes and thought the layout of them on my counter to be picture-worthy. There is nothing like a brush-belt full of clean brushes! The majority of my brushes are from Crown Brush and from MAC. I recommend checking out Crown Brush for budget-friendly, decent, sturdy brushes. My MAC brushes are pricier, but the majority of them are over 5 years old and still amazing. Brushes really do make a difference… but there are times when your fingers work best! As always with makeup, it’s a matter of personal preference and using what works for you.   brushes

May. 2014. Chicago

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What an exciting day! I got to be on WGN Midday News with Jill Glaser of Makeup First School . Jill was giving tips on how to apply makeup if you’re feeling under the weather. It was a lot of fun to be there and I recommend watching if you’re having seasonal allergies! There’s some great tips in there!

Click here:

February. 2014. Chicago

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Happy February and Happy Valentine’s Day!

To check out my 3 makeup tips for Valentine’s Day that I shot for RMG, click on the video below:


December. 2013. Chicago

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leslie-0288-Edit (1) leslie-0450-Edit leslie-0546-Edit
Here’s a few of the final images from the shoot I did hair/makeup on with Chicago photographer John Towner and model Leslie.

A fog-machine was used in the production of these images (along with some hair pieces!) and I love how otherworldly they turned out. Always grateful to work with such a highly creative tleslie-0021 (3)eam.

The last picture of me fixing Leslie’s hair makes me laugh!


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