End of January. 2015. Chicago

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Here’s a few screen shots from a shoot I worked makeup on with the fabulous duo Wittefini at their studio space.  We shot two looks with aspiring model DeYandre, one natural and one a bit more glam. It was such a fun collaboration and I cannot wait to see the pro pics! CAM00595 CAM00600

January. 2015. Chicago

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Happy New Year! So many people make resolutions around this time and they’re usually tough ones like: hitting the gym at 6am, consistently eating healthy, advancing one’s career.  How many people make beauty resolutions? I think making a beauty resolution is a fun endeavor that might actually contribute to the achievement of one’s tougher resolutions. Whether it’s taking better care of your skin or being bolder with makeup choices, making a beauty resolution will impact how you feel and how you feel impacts everything. My personal beauty resolution for 2015 is to play with more color. I tend to stay neutral with my own makeup but there is a world of color to explore! I resolve to add more pops of color to my daily makeup. Why not make a beauty resolution? Look and feel great in 2015!

Mid-November. 2014. Chicago

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I spent the day on the other side of the chair as a model for international, renowned makeup artist Roshar’s makeup workshop at Makeup First School with photography by Robert Beczarski (this photo was taken on an iPhone). This hair/makeup look was done by the uber-creative and talented Arlene Orlando. It was great to witness the creative process swirling all around me. While I’ve never been shy in front of a camera, modeling is not a skill I have practiced all that much. It was a blast! And the pro photos are going to be amazing! So grateful to have been part of such a great day. Many thanks for having me to my alma matter, Makeup First Chicago!

Nov. 2014. Chicago

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Halloween 2014 came and went. I spent the day working makeup at the MAC Pro Store on Armitage in Chicago (wearing Mermaid hair/makeup). Halloween is the ultimate makeup holiday and it was so much fun to be amidst the super-creative artists at MAC celebrating visual expression.photo

October. 2014. Chicago

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Here is a screenshot of the lovely Vanessa Hughes on set for Esemplastic’s latest feature film from Ed Pionke entitled “Asymptotes.” I subbed  for the key makeup artist for the day and had an awesome with some of Chicago’s finest actors. The hair/makeup was all natural styles, which I always love executing.

September. 2014. Chicago

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Working hair/makeup at RMG Mall Media is always awesome. Here’s some September “Pop News” for you:

Mid-July. 2014. Chicago

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Do you use CLR? That stuff is magic! It’ll get a rust stain out and make your coffee maker work like new! I worked hair/makeup on a commercial shoot for the amazing stuff. Here’s the final version of the CLR Commercial:



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