About Alyson


Hi! I’m Alyson and I’m a Chicago-based hair/makeup artist.  I studied makeup at Makeup First in Chicago (Basic Makeup, Media Makeup, Clinical Makeup, Hairstyling for Makeup Artists).  I do makeup for film, video, headshots,  fashion and print. I also have a performing arts background (check www.alysonlyon.net  for more on that end) and work as an on-camera hair/makeup specialist. I’m currently represented as a hair/makeup stylist by Lily’s Talent.

I currently work for a variety of Chicago photographers and production companies and MAC Cosmetics ( I’ve worked for MAC since ’09). I was the key hair/makeup artist on the indie film “Residuum” (shot in and around Chicago) which wrapped in October of 2012. My  client list includes: “Restaurant Impossible”, Akoo TV, RMG Mall Media, Whole Foods Market, Santa Fe Productions, Ko-Mar Productions, Gaffney Productions, Maybelline, Aaron Gang Photography, Towner Photo, Johnny Knight Photo, and Rance Rizutto Photography.

Makeup is a such an amazing medium. It allows for creative self-expression and can be so many things: nostalgic, proper, polished, pretty, young, old, mysterious, demure, sexy, dangerous, avant-garde. I am constantly amazed and inspired by its power of transformation.

Questions or comments? Please email me at alysonheartsfaces@gmail.com.


Makeup at Marie's

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