About Alyson


Hi! I’m Alyson and I’m a Chicago-based hair/makeup artist.  I studied makeup at Makeup First in Chicago (Basic Makeup, Media Makeup, Clinical Makeup, Hairstyling for Makeup Artists).  I do makeup for film, video, headshots,  fashion and print. I also have a performing arts background (check www.alysonlyon.net  for more on that end) and work as an on-camera hair/makeup specialist. I’m currently represented as a hair/makeup stylist by Lily’s Talent.

I currently work for a variety of Chicago photographers and production companies and MAC Cosmetics ( I’ve worked for MAC since ’10). I was the key hair/makeup artist on the indie film “Residuum” (shot in and around Chicago) which wrapped in October of 2012. My  client list includes: “Restaurant Impossible”, Akoo TV, RMG Mall Media, Whole Foods Market, Santa Fe Productions, Ko-Mar Productions, Gaffney Productions, Maybelline, Aaron Gang Photography, Towner Photo, Johnny Knight Photo, and Rance Rizutto Photography. In addition to makeup, I’ve also worked Wardrobe for WTTW’s “Moochie Kalala.”

Makeup is a such an amazing medium. It allows for creative self-expression and can be so many things: nostalgic, proper, polished, pretty, young, old, mysterious, demure, sexy, dangerous, avant-garde. I am constantly amazed and inspired by its power of transformation.

Questions or comments? Please email me at alysonheartsfaces@gmail.com.


Makeup at Marie's

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