April. 2011. Chicago

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Welcome to Alyson hearts faces!  As of April, 2011, this site features my work/adventures as a makeup artist in Chicago.

Most recently, I met this amazing, creative duo Zivi and Kelsey (Describe the Fauna) who work  in Bridgeport out of a huge, old piano warehouse.  Check out their website www.describethefauna.com to see some more of their ethereal, spacious photography.  We collaborated on the following fashion-y shoot; I did the hair and makeup.  Our model Vernonia was awesome and fully embodies both the edgy and softer looks.

And as you peruse the pictures, see if you can hear a cello and guitar accompanying a guy and a girl singing in perfect harmony…because that’s precisely what was playing during the shoot…live!  Turns out the old piano warehouse is also a practice space for bands.  I was in awe.  It’s times like these that I love Chicago more than anywhere.  I love it for its space, its artists and its unexpected moments of striking beauty.


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